La famiglia prima di tutto.

That say's it all. Translated from Italian into English as "Family First", this describes the Bloeds. They were the first couple to book us for a wedding several years ago and gave a shot when there was no reason to trust us or think we could do it. We were brand new in the photography industry and we are forever grateful for that opportunity.

Over the years, we have seen the Bloeds blossom into such a strong, tight-knit family. They each adhere to the "family first" motto and it shows. Nick and April are such great parents to their wonderful daughters, who are sooooo well behaved and respectful, it is obvious they have been raised right.

We had so much fun shooting their Christmas card / fall family portraits in Morada. With April in charge of wardrobes, there was no doubt everyone would be perfectly matched with accented colors and styles. To anyone looking to get family photos done - let's do it. But use these photographs as a quick guide on what to wear! Comfortable yet classy clothes with no crazy patterns or neon colors, matching but not the same as everyone else - the task can be difficult but this is such a great example of how it's done. In our next blog post, we will elaborate on the "what to wear" during fall family portrait sessions.